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We are so stoked to announce local Byron Bay legend James McMillan as the latest Varuna Ambassador to our team.

A man with a casual, weathered smile who seems to embody both youth and ancient wisdom, Jimmy leads with his heart and surfs with his soul.

As a self-taught, multi-disciplinary artist, he combines a relaxed yet zealous surfing style with a unique sense of artistry that spans three decades. 

He applies this combination to most of his boards, and always rich in colour, Jimmy’s designs look like rainbows at play.

Whether it’s a fluffy, fluorescent cloud or his signature, psychedelic bird, Jimmy’s free flowing expression breathes life into any canvas

And for us, we especially love seeing these colourful creations on his Varuna Waterbird, shaped specifically for Jimmy by epic shaper Stuart D’Arcy.

“I like to think, as an artist, that what I create is only something positive for surf culture, and I see Varuna doing the same,” he said.

That artistry is massively influenced by our dear Mother Nature and for Jimmy, surfing with a Varuna board is a full circle feeling. 

“To walk with a timber board under my arm and then go into the water feels like: a tree, the water… you. And it actually turns like my polyurethane board and that’s when I was like, “‘Ok, I wanna be a part of it.’”

His devotion to bringing sustainability into surf culture inspires us daily with his deep connection to the earth, ocean and elements. A devotion that’s not just for himself, but for the lives of his sons. 

“We’re on a mission to make surfing more sustainable now and into the future, because what we leave behind, our kids inherit.”

It’s Jimmy’s commitment to making our planet a more beautiful place, whether it’s with his art or environmental practices, that has us feeling blessed to welcome this cruisey legend into our Varuna family tree. 

So, if you spot a colourful, psychedelic-looking wooden board in the lineup, make sure to say g’day to the legend himself, Jimmy McMillan and be sure to check out our latest ambassador video here


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