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We make wooden surfboards

An innovative approach to surfboard design that minimizes
environmental impact, all with performance top of mind.

Yeah, we know what you're thinking. 
"Wooden surfboards? Meh, not into it."
​Trust us, we used to feel the same way, and have almost exclusively surfed polyurethane boards since we were grommets. It's all we've ever known! ​But, like it or not, we're in the middle of an environmental crisis,
and sadly, we surfers actively contribute to this crisis. This includes surfboard manufacturing. 
So, no disrespect to our PU-riding amigos, but we've decided to challenge ourselves and
create a sustainable surfboard that doesn't sacrifice performance.

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Grown in Indonesia.
Designed by the industry's best.

We believe that when it comes to surfing, sustainability and performance are not
mutually exclusive. That’s why we’ve collaborated with world-renowned shapers to
create an elevated, sustainable surfing experience.
Our boards are designed by iconic shapers and made responsibly in Indonesia.
An innovative internal structure ensures performance, while a balsa wood and bio-resin
composite exterior provide durability while remaining sustainable.

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Inspired by the Hindu deity of oceans and water, Varuna was born from our intrinsic connection
with the sea and driven by a collective passion for conservation. Of course, our obsession with
surfing probably had a lot to do with it, too. 

Passion meets purpose

Years in the making, Varuna is the epitome of a passion project realized. Through some deep
reflection (and over several beers), we’ve identified three distinct pillars that make up the core of
our identity:


Permaculture: Regeneration through reforestation

While surfing may be the core of our business, reforestation through permaculture is the driving force behind our mission. 


We use permaculture methods to grow our surfboards in Northern Indonesia, planting fast-growing balsa in tandem with fruit trees like mangos and pineapples, as well as other native plant species. Once the balsa is harvested for our wooden surfboards, the native plant species are left behind to flourish
and thrive.


Permaculture is a regenerative practice that leaves behind a restored ecosystem rich in nutrients and biodiversity. This also generates income and economy for local Indonesian farmers, encouraging self-reliance while
promoting sustainability. A win for the locals and a win for the environment!


Careful research has shown that permaculture practices promote resilience through biodiversity and restore the planet’s natural resources. This allows nature to rejuvenate while empowering local communities. Our business may be in the early stages of permaculture, but we promise to share our journey with you every step of the way.


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