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Cosmic Twin


Mid Length Performance Twin Fin Fish

The Cosmic Twin is a versatile mid length twin fin fish with plenty of speed and paddle power. Fly past flat sections on smaller days and absolutely tear on bigger days when you need more volume to get into the waves early, all while still duck diving.


Mid Length Performance Twin Fin Fish

The Cosmic Twin is a progressive mid-length twin fin with a deep swallow tail and flat bottom into spiral vee through the keels for speed. This board offers plenty of paddle power and medium low rail so as not to be too floaty. It will cut through the face in small to bigger waves. The Cosmic Twin can double as your keel-fin fish for smaller surf when you’re looking to fly past flat sections in the wave, as well as on the bigger days when you need more volume to get into the waves early, but still be able to duck dive.

Available lengths: 6’10, 7’2, 7’6

Fit Setup:
2 Fins, Futures

Shaper: Joel Fitzgerald, Australia

– 6’10 x 21 x 2 3/4
– 7’2 x 21’1/8 x 2’3/4
– 7’6 x 21’3/8 x 2’7/8

– 6’10: 43L
– 7’2: 48L
– 7’6: 53L

– 6’10: 4.3kg
– 7’2: 4.4kg
– 7’6: 4.4kg

Optimal Conditions: 2ft – 6ft

About Varuna

At Varuna, we craft high-performance, sustainable wooden surfboards grown in Indonesia and designed by industry legends.

But we’re not your typical wooden surfboard. We believe that sustainability and performance are no longer mutually exclusive. And at its core, our mission is guided by a planet-first mindset.

We work directly with shapers to replicate their innovative designs consciously, ensuring the quality and performance of the Varuna construction rivals its PU counterpart. This give you an epic ride you can feel good about both in and out of the water.

And by using natural, sustainable materials like balsa wood and bio-based resin, our surfboard construction has been found to product 1.5-4x LESS CO2 than the average polyurethane surfboard over the course of its lifetime.

Not only that, we source our wood through an environmentally forgiving method that regenerates deforested grasslands in Indonesia, leaving behind an ecosystem rich in biodiversity.

From seed to surfboard, we’re on a mission to redefine the world of sustainable surfing.

Are you on board?

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Deep Sea, Forest Green, Ocean Teal, Soft Earth, Storm Black, Sunset Earth, White Sand


6'10, 7'2, 7'6


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