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Who is Varuna?

Associated with clouds, water, rivers and the ocean, Varuna is a powerful Hindu deity and ‘one who encompasses the whole world.’ It’s his influence over the environment that inspires our calling to go full circle, or, from seed to surfboard.

In our eyes, the rains bring our balsa crop, which is then transformed into surfboards, and ultimately returns to the ocean from which it originally began.

This inspiration stems from our intrinsic connection with the environment, a devotion to optimal performance and a collective passion for conservation.

mission & vision

It’s with this passion and sense of purpose that we have set out on a mission to
so that we can


We’ve created a belief system grounded in progress.

Planet-first mindset
By conducting ourselves with integrity and respect for our environment and oceans, we can shift the landscape of best business practices not just for surfing, but across all industries.

Seek change
By remaining curious, open-minded and vigilant with respect to emerging technologies and sustainable solutions, we can create the best possible products for you and our planet.

Devotion to quality
Sustainability means building a product that won’t need to be replaced. We define ourselves by the care and quality put into each surfboard and hold ourselves accountable for every decision made (and hope you will, too!).

Nurture our passion
Passion is the cornerstone of our mission. Whether it be for our oceans, surfing or performance, our collective passion is the ultimate driving force behind our business, and an integral part of our reason for being.

our identity

When Varuna went from a hey-wooden-that-be-cool idea to holy-shit-this-is-actually-happening, we knew there were a couple non-negotiables we would employ when it came to running our business.

These are the pillars of our identity, and our promises to you:



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