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Friends carry Varuna wooden surfboards on the beach, proper board care will keep your Varuna surfboard looking mint


Proper storage of your Varuna board will protect it from damage between surfs and keep it looking fresher, longer. It can be easy to get lazy about how you store your wooden board, but the first key to sustainability is longevity.

So, start off on the right foot and invest in a quality board bag. Ideally something that is reflective and ventilated. Our mates at NEEDessentials make a killer bag for a great price. Do yourself a favour and snag one ASAP to protect your Varuna board from damage.

Similarly to polyurethane boards, be mindful of sun exposure and heat when you’re not surfing. Even though our deck composite is tough as nails, leaving your board in the car on a hot summer day can be detrimental to the structure of your board. Think of it this way: if it’s too hot for your doggo, it’s too hot for your board!

Key takeaways:
Keep your board in a board bag
Avoid excessive exposure to sun and heat
Store in temps under 50C (aka NOT your car!)

Note: That was not an affiliate link. As in, we don’t get paid for any board bags that NEEDessentials sells through the link above. We just think they’re awesome and want to share it with the world.

Varuna wooden surfboards getting glassed in the factory, proper board care keeps surfboards looking mint


Since your board is made of wood, and hollow for that matter, any ding repairs will deviate slightly from the PU standard. Check out our tips below to fix your board should the worst happen.

First rule before attempting any repairs: make sure your board is completely dry. Any residual moisture trapped inside can leave your board worse for the wear. Give it a shake to listen for any water that may have seeped into a ding. Store your board in a cool, dry place with the ding facing down to let any excess moisture drip out and dry off.

For any small cracks in your deck, applying your standard epoxy resin will do the trick. Always be precise when mixing your hardener and resin – no eyeballing measurements!

Any quick fixes can be done with stickers, waterproof tape or epoxy glue (including 5-minute epoxy, epoxy sticks and epoxy Solarez®). These glues will fade and discolor over time, so you should eventually do a proper repair with epoxy resin.

However, if your pride and joy needs more serious medical attention, call up local ding repair to stitch you up.

For more info on board repairs, check out the clips below.

varuna faq

You’ve got questions…

And we’ve got answers to all of your wooden surfboard questions below.

  • What is your Return Policy?
    If by some chance your board has a manufacturing defect such as delamination or some other malfunction, then we’ll happily replace your board. Please contact our support team so we can have a chat to see what went wrong and improve our product.

  • What materials are your boards made from?
    Our boards are made with sustainably harvested balsa, reinforced with bamboo and wood veneer. We then glass it using a bio-epoxy resin called sicomin and a super strong fibreglass.

    So is there still foam inside the board?
    Absolutely not! We’ve worked hard to be a completely foamless board and pride ourselves on designing a completely hollow creation.

  • What happens if I get water inside the board?
    Whilst our boards are super strong, unfortunately nothing in life is completely unbreakable. If water gets in, we’ve designed a way to drain the surfboard and then repair it, so that it’s good as new. If this has happened to your Varuna board, contact our support team and we’ll sort you out.

    How do I get my board fixed if I put a hole in it?
    We have worked with innovative and world class surfboard repairers to develop the most efficient and effective methods to fix any holes that may occur. Check out the clips above which will show you how to DIY any holes or cracks, or alternatively, if you’re a ding repairer and need more info, contact our support team and we’ll guide you through the best process to repair our boards.

  • Will you have more surfboard models available?
    Absolutely! We are always looking to collaborate with world class designers and will continuously be bringing out new models from shapers and designers.

  • Who makes these surfboards?
    We only work with the best in the industry. That means we work with world-class shapers to design our models, construct our boards at an internationally renowned manufacturing facility and employ amazing local wood craftsmen. So every board we make is hand-made just for you!

  • What does Varuna mean?
    Associated with clouds, water, rivers and the ocean, Varuna is a powerful Hindu deity and ‘one who encompasses the whole world.’ It’s his influence over the environment that inspires our calling to go full circle, or, from seed to surfboard.

    How can I be a part of the Varuna Family tree?
    We are always evolving and love to hear from people who share our values and passion for surfing and saving this big beautiful planet of ours. If you’ve got ideas and have a chat, don’t hesitate to fill out a form on our Contact page to get in touch.



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