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We replicate trusted designs from elite shapers on all of our boards, but with a sustainable spin. Because we figured there was no sense in reinventing the wheel, or the board, for that matter.

Learn more about the shapers we love to work with below.


No foam. All wood.

More of a behind-the-scenes design sponsor, our incognito shaper has been in the game for over 40 years, designing world-title-winning boards since the early 80s. His philosophy is centered solely around the surfer and the uniquely individual pursuit of waves and wonder.

He believes that like anything in life, we are all surfers of varying abilities. Some of us prefer cruisey sessions with mates in easy waves, while others are happy to compete for surf. Some aren’t comfortable in big waves, while others thrive on challenging conditions. There is no right and wrong. No better or worse. There is virtue in all approaches and importantly, there’s room for everyone and he designs as such.


A fresh take on classic designs.

Renaud Cardinal is a French shaper based in La Rochelle, France. His longstanding passion for craftsmanship dates back to his childhood, and he took a keen interest in surfboard shaping on his many travels as a youngster.

This combination of passion and surfing led him to create UWL Surfboards in 1991 with his brother, Thomas Cardinal. His well-rounded approach to shaping and appreciation for sustainable materials made Renaud a perfect addition to our list of talented shapers. Check out Renaud’s Mister Twin and Diamond Tail in our quiver – you’ll be stoked to get your hands on these epic designs!

But our shaper collabs don’t end here. As we grow Varuna, we’ll be working with legendary shapers from across the globe to replicate your favorite shapes, giving you a planet-friendly surfing experience.
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